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What started in 2009 as a simple answer to the question, "how can we make life easier? " quickly evolved into a European household brand for the on-the-go generation. Based in Cologne, Germany, our melting pot of a team is bound together by our common passion for good design and the expectation of the extraordinary. Not a day goes by without us, as avid mobilites, testing and tinkering on ways to improve on our designs.

From high-capacity power banks to crystalline sounding audio gear and all the way to protective cases engineered to seamlessly fuse with your device - all things XQISIT are continuously crafted to achieve that very goal. After all, perfection is a never ending road.

When we look at a smartphone, we see more than just a phone. We see essential companions that help our lives become easier, more manageable and more enjoyable. So why not give them what they deserve? We set out to make each and every one of our pieces attune with Bauhaus principles from which we draw inspiration. Simplicity. Functionality. Quality. By bringing all three together and applying a thin coat of "good looks" we hope to create life accessories that are above and beyond the ordinary. Life accessories that are truly XQISIT.