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Cotton Cable USB to Type C 3.0 1,8m

Cotton Cable USB to Type C 3.0 1,8m

  • USB / C 3.0 adapter
  • 1.8 m cable length
  • Ideal for type C compatible devices
  • Charge & sync
  • Soft fabric exterior
  • Safe Payments
  • One year Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Mobile modern marvels: let’s face it, we are at their whim. Leaving the house without them, selfies, getting from A to B, or even daily updates of your latest culinary adventures û all of which would be impossible without your handheldmiracle worker. But believe it or not, even “they” have a weakness. They all need juice and they all need to stay connected. So say hello to the Charge & Sync USB / type C 3.0 charging cable. This essential mobile accessory and your favorite gadget will become best of friends, or at the very least, XQISIT’ssoft fabric lifeline for those of us who live a life on-the-go. Now you can say goodbye to frustrating low-battery notifications of doomand mobile apocalyptic scenarios.