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  • Robust, durable PC back for improved impact protection
  • Black camera ring ideal for photos using flash
  • Inner micro dot pattern disperses force more efficiently
  • Precision cut TPU lining
  • Co-molded, TPU bumper for enhanced force absorption
  • Translucent back plate reveals your phone's original design
  • Safe Payments
  • One year Warranty
  • Free Shipping

One day we all got together and decided we wanted to make something truly different. Something that would stand out, yet feel like home. We thought, “Let’s make a case that doesn’t feel like one.” The NUSON bringstogether all the signature elements that make Apple design, Apple. Design that is nurtured on Marc NUSON’s genius, harmonizing seamlessly with the device’s own. Let’s walk you through it. The main frameconsists of a robust, co-molded TPU - ideal for absorbing the harshest drops. This is complemented with a translucent, black-tinted PC cover, firmly fitted atop a perforated TPU mesh. This combination of materials and structure allows it toeffectively disperse the force of impact while at the same time revealing your phone’s original design. It doesn’t stop there. The case’s frame is supported by a raised TPE bumper, reinforcing thecase’s rim and preventing sharp fal ls from taking heavy tolls. Design or safety? With the NUSON, you don’t have to choose.

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Compatabilities iPhone 7
Height 17,5